About Our Company

The idea of establishing "Remas Human Resources Development"  came in line with the requirements of the times to work on the selection of trainers to provide excellent training services to reach a theoretically and practically qualified Arab citizen in all fields. We have been able to develop the training process in form and substance, both in terms of following the traditional ladder of training and by creating a strong link between the coach and the participant, and opening the door to dialogue, scientific discussions and exchange of experiences.



Providing the right training environment in a timely manner through outstanding programs.
• The optimal use of modern technology and its harnessing in order to achieve the goals. 
Preparing more qualified cadres from the practical and scientific aspects in line with the actual reserves of the labour market. 
Conducting courses in various fields and according to needs.

Providing opportunities to meet and share experiences between trainees and trainers in the Arab world. 
Transfer and exchange of theoretical knowledge and scientific skills between individuals and institutions. 
Organizing various training activities (courses, workshops, seminars, conferences.....) in all fields of knowledge. 
Directing special efforts towards the development of computer skills by organizations and individuals

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